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Delid the CPU


Step 1:

With the Rockit 88 disassembled and open, place your Intel CPU in the CPU tray securely, keeping the arrows aligned.

This alignment is critical because it allows the IHS to move and break the bond of the glue without contacting the Silicon die or electronics.


Optional step:

Using a marker, mark the corner of the IHS corresponding to the CPU arrow, this will
help the relid process later on and can be washed off with alcohol.


Step 2:

Take the cover of the Rockit 88, slide the pusher all the way back, and place the cover on top of the CPU tray as pictured.

Insert all thumb screws and tighten just a little *These don’t need to be tightened much, do not overtighten!

Using your fingers, tighten the pusher bolt until snug.

Take the 5 mm Allen Key included with the Rockit 88, and begin to tighten the pusher bolt

The Allen Key will get progressively difficult to turn, until a snap sound is heard.

Once you hear the snap sound, reverse the pusher bolt to relieve any tension.

Pull the pusher back using the screw on top of the Rockit 88

Undo the thumbscrews, and lift the Rockit 88 cover straight up, separating it from the CPU tray.

Hold one edge of the CPU down in the tray with one hand, and use the other hand to lift one edge of the silver colored IHS. It will come off easily and your CPU has now been delidded.