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How to remove the solder from 9th Gen CPUs

The easy way to clean the solder from your 9th Gen CPU.

This requires Quicksilver (See our kit for this). The solder is liquefied by the Quicksilver and easily wipes off.

Removes all solder and only leaving the plating that Intel applies to help the solder bond to the silicon CPU die. This can be removed with metal polish such as Flitz (included in the kit)


1. Delid in the normal way.


Ready to remove solder

2. Tape the CPU into the socket of the delid tool. 


CoolLabs application

3. Apply a small amount of Quicksiver


Spread TIM

4. Spread to cover the solder with the Quicksilver


TIM working

5. Let stand for 10 minutes, agitate periodically.


Remove TIM & Solder

6. Clean Quicksilver and solder from CPU. Reapply if needed.


Solder gone

7. Nothing left but the plating applied to bond the solder.


Flitz Application

8. Apply Flitz to remove the plating.

Clean CPU

9. One clean CPU!!