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How to use the relid kit

How to use the relid kit including the guide, spyder and the big bolt.

I highly recommend that you practice this just after you delid and clean your CPU but before you apply the TIM.

Lay out all the parts as seen in the first photo.


Insert the bare CPU into the pocket with the corner triangles lined up.


Drop the relid guide down onto the tool. The tool is designed to fit only one direction and it will snap down onto the CPU and tool.


Next we will drop the IHS down onto the CPU using the Relid Guide to line it up.

Notice that the Relid Guide will only allow the IHS to be placed one direction. If you aligned the CPU with the corner triangles as in the first step, the IHS will be in the same orientation as stock. Otherwise it will not be lined up correctly and the Motherboard clamp will not work properly. The IHS is symmetrical so it is not important which way round it's installed. 


At this stage you would apply the glue to each corner of the IHS then place the Spyder onto the tool, lining up the bolt holes. It's a little tricky but one leg is a touch longer than the other two. Make sure it points toward the single bolt hole of the tool. (I put the bolts in the holes and lower the spyder with bolts down into the holes. Much easier to get it properly aligned. Tighten the bolts lightly. No need for extra force here. Just lightly tight.


Last step is to install the large bolt into the middle threaded hole.

Screw this bolt down until it touches the IHS and you feel some resistance. Not too tight but a little snug is good. All you want is for the IHS to remain stationary while the glue cures.



This is what the final assembly should look like.