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LGA 1151 Copper IHS

$ 16.99


Solid copper IHS for Intel LGA 1151 CPUs

  • CNC machined to tight tolerances
  • Available custom relid guide compatible with all Rockit 88 kits (Normal relid guide will NOT work for the copper IHS, it is larger than the stock IHS)
  • Surface area increased by 15% over stock
  • Smooth and flat surfaces for maximum contact with CPU and cooling solutions.
  • Fits LGA 1151 ONLY!!! Can damage your CPU and/or motherboard if used for LGA 1150 (Copper for LGA 1150)
  • NOTE: The Copper IHS is now 100% compatible with the EK Monoblock
  • WARNING!!!!! The Copper IHS for 1151 will NOT work on the 9th Gen CPU. The CPU die is much thicker and will cause excessive pressure on your CPU, Motherboard and Socket once the Motherboard clamp is closed. You have been warned!!
  • Liquid Metal Application guide TEMPLATE


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